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It is absolutely heartbreaking to come home from a long day at work to the realization that your keys are missing or lost. You run your hands through your purse, bag, or pockets, but nothing. Then you start to wonder if you have a spare somewhere in the yard. You then went around looking for the miracle of a key you must have hidden. But unfortunately, today isn’t the day that miracle comes. You’re not even sure you kept any spare keys out back. So, what do you do?

For most buildings, there is a front door and a back door through which one can gain entry into it. However, there are also windows, which means it is an option. But, you know, going to a window would mean you would have to smash it. Surely, you don’t want to incur additional costs and risk the neighbors calling the police. Especially if it is quite late at night.

There is only one other option for you; call a building lockout locksmith! At this point, you would want to grab your phone to look for the closest locksmith to you. Perhaps you are running out of patience and must be hungry. There is no need to scroll through multiple pages looking for a building lockout locksmith. My Key Guy Locksmith is just around the corner in Corona, CA to assist you. Call us now!

Commercial Building Lockout Service Professionals!

A business building should be well secured, but what if, during your effort to keep the place secure, there was a lockout? Business buildings usually have complex lock systems in place, which means it is not something for any regular jobber man. You would be required to call a professional locksmith Corona in a situation as such.

Only a professional would know what to do in the case of a lockout, as any missteps can lead to additional costs for you. Also, calling a professional can see to it that your business activities resume as quickly as possible. Every minute counts when it comes to having the problem rectified. And a company like My Key Guy Locksmith can make sure every minute is not wasted.

Some building lockout situations may require that we repair hardware, especially if the hardware has been damaged. Lockouts can arise from having a lock system for a long time without regular maintenance. So, it is no surprise that certain hardware was damaged, which ultimately led to a lockout. However, there is nothing we can not resolve. All you have to do is give us a call in Corona, CA.

How To Avoid A Building Lockout!

A lockout can happen at any time, and it doesn’t matter how careful you are. Nevertheless, there are certain steps to take to make sure you are not caught in one:

  • The first and most common step is to make sure you have a spare key somewhere. This is only useful if the problem isn’t with the lock itself and you have simply misplaced your keys. A spare key can come in very handy, so have one somewhere around your yard, and easy to find.
  • The second step is another common one and is a traditional method of not losing your keys. Here, you should find a key holder; there are different types depending on your preferences. Key holders can save you the hassle of losing your keys as you can have them attached to your handbag or jeans. Also, because they can be quite a handful, you’d immediately notice if you had dropped it.
  • The third step is to make sure you have a place where your keys are kept. You can have a specific place where your keys are kept whenever you are at home or at the office. This helps you stay aware of where your keys are.
  • The last step, but not the least, is to keep a key to your home with a neighbor. Of course, it has to be a neighbor that you trust. A lot of people keep an extra key with their neighbors all the time, so it is not particularly new. Sometimes, neighbors grow to become people we can call our family.

Why Contact Us For Your Lock And Key Service Needs?

We are sure you want value for money spent as well as a repair or installation that lasts a long time. Then it is nothing that you need to think long and hard about. Whether you want to copy vehicle keys, rekey your door locks, or upgrade locks at your commercial property, we are only a dial away from you.


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