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How Do I Copy Vehicle Key?

There have been questions regarding how a transponder key can be copied considering how it is not like traditional car keys. Many car owners often turn to their dealership when it comes to getting their keys copied. However, they end up paying more than they thought to get their remote keys copied. What is that all about?

Cars made within the last 20 years have their transponder keys as a part of the anti-theft security system. However, remote controls are also used for home doors, gates, and even garage doors. These keys use a microchip to transmit a low-frequency signal that is received by a remote receiver. The chips are programmed with a special serial number. Now, the receiver must be able to identify the correct serial number using the RFID in order to unlock a door. This makes transponder keys useful with car doors, home security systems, gates, and garage door remote openers.

You may be having doubts when it comes to who to hand your copy vehicle key service copy to. But if you do need a key replacement, copy, or need to program your car key, you should ask a trusted locksmith. If there is one in Corona, CA that can help to copy a vehicle key, it’d be My Key Guy Locksmith.

How Much Will It Cost Me to Copy Vehicle Key?

We often come across this question, and it is no doubt an important one. Getting a key with a transponder chip will definitely cost you more than traditional key copying. Additionally, you will often get charged more than expected when you visit a car dealership to copy vehicle key.

Chips located at the base of a key can be quite expensive for anyone to purchase, so this affects a locksmith and a car dealer alike. However, the regular key part can be copied and you can use it to unlock your car door or roll down the windows. But without the chips, you can’t possibly start your car’s engine.

For this, you would have to contact My Key Guy Locksmith to determine how much it will cost you to copy vehicle key. We are available in Corona, CA to provide such services whenever they are needed.

What Is The Next Thing After Getting My Keys Copied?

If a car key has been successfully copied, the next thing would be to program the chip key. Perhaps you are wondering if you can do that by yourself. No, you can’t as it requires special skills and equipment to program a chip key. So, it is better you leave the job to a professional. Programming a key as such is the last phase after getting a key copied. It is that which determines whether the signal sent by the transmitter will match with the transceiver. As this is the only way to start your engine when you turn the key in the ignition,

Our locksmith Corona, CA can handle that key programming. You should therefore reach out to us for such service needs. We have the skills and equipment to make sure you have no issues with your new key copy. Put a call through to us for the best auto key services.

Copy Vehicle Key – Emergency Locksmith Services!

Emergencies can happen at the most inconvenient of times, and they can be life-threatening. Locking yourself out of your car is one of those dreadful situations that anyone would want to avoid. But it can happen to us even if we are the most careful people around.

The police and a locksmith often prioritize emergency situations such as a child or an animal locked in a vehicle. This is especially dangerous during hot weather, as the temperatures can rise to dangerous levels within an hour. So, calling a locksmith like ourselves can quickly put out the tension in the situation.

Furthermore, these days, you will find it very hard to unlock a car by yourself because of increased security. So, it is always best that you contact a locksmith to prevent unwanted damage to your car.

Our Other Locksmith Service!

You may be wondering if we offer other lock and key services. Yes, we do. We have the expertise to also take care of those commercial, residential, and safe lock and key services. We can repair hardware, install hardware, replace lost keys, rekey locks, upgrade your door locks, etc. All you have to do is contact us and make your request. Our copy vehicle key services are affordable and you will be pleased that you hired our services. Call us now to get a free quote or use our online estimate form.

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