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Open Sentry Safe: Expert Consultation!

Sentry safe is a manufacturer of secure lockers and storage solutions. Their safes can be used to store various personal and business items, including documents, cash, guns, jewelry, and other valuables. There are several ways to reset the lock if you have a SentrySafe and need the combination to get inside it. However, this will depend on what model of safe you have.

Some older versions do not allow resetting without opening the unit and replacing its circuit board or batteries. Consult with an expert like My Key Guy Locksmith in Corona if your model does not fall into one of these categories for more information about how to crack open your specific model of sentry safe.

Reset a Sentry Safe Combination – We Have Expertise!

Sentry safes are designed to be opened using a combination inside the safe. But My Key Guy Locksmith has the expertise to open sentry safe by resetting the combination. We understand that the complete process for resetting the combination depends on the safety model.

You will have to open the safe if you need to reset the combination but do not know the current combination. The safe may have a small reset button on the inside. You can also remove the front panel, remove the circuit board, or replace the batteries to reset the combination.

Bypass the Password Without Opening the Safe: We Do It!

If your safe is an older sentry model, you may not be able to reset the combination without opening the safe. In this case, we may still be able to crack open the safe without resetting the combination by bypassing the password. Some older sentry models have a small hole on the back of the safe we can use to bypass the password in the combination. You can use a paperclip or similar pin to press this button and open the safe. If there is no hole on the back of the safe, we can sometimes open the front panel to reach the button inside the safe to bypass the combination.

Open Sentry Safe: Reset Using the Backdoor Code While Opening the Safe

Most sentry safes made after 2004 have a backdoor combination that can be used if the sentry safe combination has been lost and cannot be reset. To use the backdoor code, you must open the safe. If the safe has a removable front panel, remove the panel. If the safe has no removable panel, you can sometimes drill into the top of the safe to get inside. Once inside the safe, you can use a multimeter to test for voltage. Find the dial inside the safe and turn it to the left until the dial stops. You will hear the dial click, and the door should open. You can then use the multimeter to test for voltage or use a voltmeter to reset the combination.

Reset Using the Electronic Keypad and a Master Key

If you have lost or forgotten the combination or backdoor code to the sentry safe, you may be able to reset the combination using a master key. This may work for some models of sentry safes made between 2004 and 2010. Inside the safe, turn the dial to the left until it stops, then turns it one click right. You should hear a single beep. Holding the green button on the keypad, turn the dial to the left again until it stops. You should hear three beeps. Let go of the button and wait for the safe to open. You should now be able to use the keypad to open the safe.

Reset Using a 9-Volt Battery and Transistor Tester

If the combination on your sentry safe is not accessible from the outside of the safe, you may be able to reset it by bypassing the circuit board inside the safe. Most safes made before 2004 have a circuit board inside the safe. You may have to open the safe to access the circuit board. Open sentry safe, remove the circuit board, and put a 9-volt battery across the two leads connected to the circuit board. The safe should open. If it does not, repeat the process a few times.

My Key Guy Locksmith: We’re Prepared to Go the Extra Mile

We are a locksmith company in Corona, CA, that can go the extra mile to open sentry safe for the safety of your valuable assets. Contact us now. You can call us anytime. The experts at our company are reliable and trusted. You can depend on us to open your sentry safe that has valuable assets, documents and money. Hire us now and get our excellent services.


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