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Open Master Lock Key Box – We Are Lockout Masters In Corona, CA

If you are hiding your spare or duplicate keys under you are a doormat or plant container, then it’s high time to find a better solution. My Key Guy Locksmith company is offering high-security master lock boxes for you as a better and more secure solution. Not only new installation, but we are providing all the services related to master lock key boxes and safes. For instance, if you are locked out of your master lock key box and need a locksmith to open it asap, we can send a certified and experienced locksmith to open the master lock key box for you in a few minutes only.

As a locksmith company, we have been providing master lock key box service for years now. The quality and durability of our services are what we are known for. Our company offers 24-hour service for all our customers in Corona, CA. If you also need professional help, don’t hesitate and make to call us. We will never let you down.

Opening Master Lock Box In Corona, CA – Advanced Tools To Open

The opening master lock box is not as easy as opening an old and traditional door lock. When you install a master lock key box at your home or office for the security of your car, house, office, or spare keys, you always need an expert professional if the lockbox malfunction. We recommend you hire My Key Guy Locksmith in case any emergency occurs. The reason behind calling our experts is the advanced tools and kits they have. All the advanced master lock key box devices require specialized tools in case of any repair or unlocking service. So, choosing our experts to open master lock key box or even cracking a safe will be a wise decision.

We Are Affordable When It Comes To Open Master Lock Key Box!

Are you worried about paying higher service charges to open master lock box in Corona, CA? This is not a big problem for My Key Guy Locksmith experts. Our company is one of the most popular when it comes to security services, including installation, repair, and replacement of all your lock boxes. Unlike other locksmith companies, our goal is to provide satisfaction and top-quality service to our customers, especially when they are in an emergency. We never take advantage of the situation. So, our rates are budget-friendly and affordable when it comes to service charges. Cost-effective solutions don’t mean that we compromise on the quality of our locks or services. You can visit our review section to check our customers’ experience with us and decide whether to choose our professionals or not.

How To Open Master Lock Key Box Without A Key?

A master lock box is a security device used to keep cash, keys, important cards, etc. A dialogue box is different from a safe. It can be quiet for stating if you are locked out of your lockbox, especially if it has your house keys or your cash. Luckily there are simple and quick ways you can follow to open your lock box.

1. Bypassing:

Manipulating the actuator of your lock comes under bypassing. You can simply use a tool thinner that is longer than your key to unlocking it. Keep inserting it through the keyway until and unless u feel the back of your lock. It will allow you to turn the mechanism that is connected to the cam to perform a factory reset and bypass some combination lock boxes that also have standard reset codes of their own stuff. You can ask for a professional to help you do the reset code process.

2. Shimming:

Some master lock boxes have a Padlock that can be shimmed open. Two thin metal pieces are placed between the lock body and the shackle, and a thumbscrew is inserted between them to trigger the unlock mechanism. By using scissors, aluminum cans can be easily transformed into metal pieces.

3. Decoding:

An expert can decode wheel combination locks this way:
Hold on and slightly pull the padlock shackle by applying tension to the lock.
Take each number and move it one by one, feeling how freely it moves.
A combination includes the number in the wheel that is most mobile.
As soon as the sequence of numbers is complete, the lock should open.

You can even try:

  •  Prying
  •  Drilling
  •  Cutting

Call My Key Guy Locksmith – We Can Handle Everything With Perfection

We recommend you hire a professional If you want to obtain better outcomes if you want to open master lock key box. Our experts can help you regain access to your master lock box. So, don’t think twice and make a call to us now. We are also offering services to cracking a safe. Feel free to dial us.

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