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Master Key System: System to Ensure the Security!

The use of a master key system is a way to ensure that only authorized people get access to a building, room, or another secure area. This type of security also helps prevent uninvited people from accessing restricted areas by providing additional access control. If you are in Corona, CA and want to install master system call our experts at My Key Guy-Corona. Call us and get our excellent services!

How a Master Key System Works

The master key system is a system that uses a single key that opens several locks to allow access to those locations. This key is kept in a secure location and the locks are distributed to authorized persons. Each person is given one key that opens the locks on their specific locks. In order to enter a building, an authorized person simply inserts the key into the lock on the exterior door and turns it to open the door. Once inside, you can use the same key to open the rest of the doors in the building or in other buildings that use the same master key system.

When you lost one key, you can replace the key with a new one. This makes it simple to keep doors open, but also means that someone who manages the key replacement system could gain access to all the other buildings that share the key.

Discrete vs. Integrated/circular Keys

A discrete key system only has one key given to each person who needs access. The keys are usually of a specific shape and size to make them more difficult to use on someone else’s lock. This approach works best when each person needs access to just one building and has the key just to themselves. An integrated key system has a master key that can open several locks. The key itself is the same size and shape used by all the other keys.

You can keep the key in a secure location and distribute the locks to authorized people. People who need access select the key from a set that includes the key for their specific lock. An integrated key system makes it easier to share access to one or several buildings. However, there is a risk that one key could give access to the entire organization.

Key Sizes for Different Lock Types!

There are several different types of locks used in key control. The length, width, and thickness of the key’s shackle determine if it will fit in the lock. Sizes used for these components vary by brand and lock model, so it’s important to check before purchasing a lock set.

Advantages of Using a Master Key System

  • Easy to access areas – The master key system allows open access to any room or building that uses the key
  • No need for keys – A person does not need to keep the keys with her.
  • No one knows the key – Keys in the master key system keep in a secure location and no one knows which key opens what lock.

Disadvantages of Using a Master Key System

Someone steel the key vulnerable – Someone can enter the building and can stole your keys.

If lost, a key needs replacement – When you lost the key, you can replace it with a new one. This means that all the locks that use the key could be compromised.

Flexible key management – Carefully design the key management system to keep keys secure and make sure the replacement when lost.


Master key systems provide a security advantage over other key control systems, but they also have some limitations. When you lost your key, all the locks that use that key are vulnerable. If you do not keep the key in a secure location, it could be replaced and all the locks opened. These key systems could also be difficult to manage and difficult to distinguish from other keys.

For these reasons, some businesses choose to use key management systems that only use key fobs or key cards, or might use keys that can open several different locks. Install master keys system by a professional locksmith at My Key Guy-Corona at your location for a cost that is dependent on the number of locking devices required and type of locks you need to install. My Key Guy-Corona is a reputable company to install electric door locks and different types of security door locks. You can also get automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith services. Do not waist you time and hire our locksmith Corona, CA services. When you hire us, you will get exceptional locksmith services.

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