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High Security Locks: Protect Most Valuable Things!

High security locks are designed to protect the most valuable assets you have – your home and business. They’re also expensive, which is why so many people don’t invest in them until they need to. If you keep valuable items in your home or business, high security locks could be a worthwhile investment for you. Security is a major concern for many people these days. Whether it’s because of news stories about burglars, an increase in break-ins on your street, or something else, security can be a big deal for homeowners and renters. Depending on the type of property you have and its value, investing in high security locks could save you from potential losses down the road. High security lock installation requires professionals and licensed technicians that can perfectly install or repair them. So call My Key Guy Locksmith company that has expertise in doing the installation of high-security locks!

What Are High Security Locks?

First things first: What are high-security locks, exactly? There are no set standards for what makes a lock “high-security” – every lock company makes their own claims about the strength of their products. That said, you probably want to avoid locks that are advertised as “anti-theft” or “burglary-resistant.” Those labels are, in most cases, marketing ploys that aren’t backed up by research, studies, or experts. When you’re looking for your next lock purchase, you want a lock that’s been independently tested and is widely considered to be a high-security lock.

Types of High-Security Locks: Choose According to Your Needs!

Commercial Deadbolt Locks – Deadbolts are the most common type of high-security lock. They’re installed at the top of your door, and the bolt slides into the door frame to lock it. Commercial deadbolt locks are usually operated by a key or a padlock. If a key is used to open them, several types of keys can be used, so it’s difficult for someone to pick the lock. If a padlock is used, there are even more options for picking the lock. Call us if you want to install these commercial door locks. We can also install commercial front door locks.

Padlocks – Padlocks are also common types of high-security locks. They’re used in many different scenarios, including securing tool sheds, cabinets, and gates. Padlocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different types being better for certain scenarios.

Cabinet locks – Cabinet locks have shackle guards that keep the shackle from jamming. When the shackle gets jammed, it prevents the cabinet from closing. Cabinet locks also have shackle springs that counteract the force of the shackle being pulled against. My Key Guy Locksmith can install these locks easily with proper techniques because we have modern tools and equipment to perform the job right. Contact us as soon as possible in Corona, CA.

Benefits of High Security Locks; That’s a Big Deal!

High-security locks are designed to protect the most valuable assets you have – your home and business. They’re also expensive, which is why so many people don’t invest in them until they need to. If that sounds like you, you may want to consider high-security locks. Deadbolts, padlocks, and chains all protect a door from being opened. That’s a big deal when you’re trying to keep burglars out.

The Catch: They’re Still Quite Expensive

There are some catches to investing in security locks. For one, they’re quite expensive. If you’re buying them for your business, you may have to get a loan from the bank to purchase them. For homeowners, you may have to wait several years before you see a return on your investment. In addition, some insurance companies may not cover losses that you incur if you don’t have high-security locks installed on your home. The best way to find out for sure is to talk to your insurance agent about it. Keep in mind that most insurance policies will cover you for losses, even if you don’t have high-security locks, but only if they’re caused by normal wear and tear.

We Have Proper Guide: How to Save Money on High-Security Locks

If you’ve decided that advanced locks are right for you, but you’re worried about the cost, there are a few things you can do to save some money. When purchasing deadbolts, cabinet locks, and padlocks, try to purchase them in bulk.

This will allow you to get a lower price because you’re buying in bulk. Another way to save money is to purchase used high-security locks. This isn’t always recommended, but you can check with your local locksmith like us or buy and sell groups on social media to see if anyone is selling the types of locks you need. There are some risks when purchasing used locks, but if you’re careful about your purchase, you can save a lot of money. Hire professionals to install them because unprofessionals can break your lock and waste your money. Give us a call in Corona, CA and save your money from being wasted.

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