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Electric Door Locks: Security is a Priority!

Since children are often nosy and like to be at the doors that they have keys to and know how to use, electric door locks are a good idea. An electric lock can protect your home and family, especially in an emergency when someone is trying to get out. Using an electric lock can also keep your child safe from injury or worse. You can find electrically operated door locks that you can install yourself or have installed by a professional at My Key Guy-Corona. Electric doors are also easy to operate by a child and you can teach them how to use them if they are competent enough.

What are Electric Door Locks?

A door lock is a mechanical device that allows or prevents access to a room or area. It is used to provide protection from intruders. Electric door locks are typically more reliable and energy efficient than traditional mechanical door locks. They also require less maintenance, are quieter, and offer increased comfort while opening and closing the door. The following are some of the advantages of using electric locks:

1). They are more secure: Electric locks use a combination lock that requires a code to open. This means that the code will only be given to authorized people in case of an emergency. High-security locks have with alarm functions that produce loud noises in case of an intrusion.

2). They are more convenient: Electric door locks allow you to open your door without having to use a key. This saves time and energy as well as reduces wear and tear on your keys and allows for better security when you’re away from home.

3). More effective at preventing unauthorized entry: Electric locks have features that stop people from opening the door from the outside by pushing against it or by trying to insert keys or other objects between the lock and the doorframe.

4). They are easier to operate: Electric locks require fewer steps and fewer moves than traditional mechanical door locks, making them easier to open and close even for those with disabilities or poor hand coordination.

5). They are more energy efficient: Electric locks use less electricity than traditional mechanical door locks because they don’t require any moving parts, while they also consume less oil and gas during operation.

Electric Door Locks: Different Types of Electric Locks!

There are six different types of door locks that are available for purchase: deadbolt, mortise cylinder, cylinder medallion, keyed cylinder, chain bolt, and padlock. Each lock type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Deadbolt locks are the most common type of lock used in residential homes because they provide the most security. They are also easier to install than other types of locks because there is no need for keys.
  • Mortise cylinder locks use in commercial buildings because they provide superior security at a reasonable cost.
  • Chain bolts provide the most security at the least cost.
  • Padlocks are the least secure type of lock but they are often the cheapest option.

Door Lock Installation: Why Should We Install Electric Doors?

If you usually lock your door from the inside, it might be a good idea to have an electric door lock installed. This will prevent children or unauthorized people from entering your home. Installing a door lock is also a good idea if you frequently lose or forget your keys. This will prevent anyone from entering your home without permission. Additionally, if you are concerned about safety, installing a door lock will help keep your loved ones safe while they are sleeping.

There are many things that you can do with an electric door lock. The first is to replace your old deadbolt with a new one. This will give you a more secure lock that is also more attractive and modern looking. You can install a keypad on the door so that you only must program a code rather than enter it manually each time you want to open the door. You can also install an automation system that allows you access from your phone.


These are just some of the many benefits of an electric door lock. If you are looking for a company to install these locks for you, contact My Key Guy-Corona local professionals today to get the best prices and service in Corona, CA! We offer the best locksmith Corona, CA services to install different types of locks. We can also install security door locks, and keyless entry door locks. You can also call us for reliable commercial locksmith services.

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