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Deadbolt Lock Installation or Repair?

A deadbolt lock is certainly one of the most preferred door locks around. One would mostly find them in homes, schools, hospitals, and other commercial buildings. Deadbolts come in two variants, which are the single and double cylinder deadbolts. The single cylinder deadbolt has been known to give lock pickers a hard time. which is perhaps a good choice if you are considering having one installed.

Whether you need one installed for your front door locks or your office door locks, our lock experts at My Key Guy Locksmith can serve you well. We have an extensive understanding of all the different types of door locks, so there is no lock, old or new, that is strange to us. Therefore, if you need any such installation or repair, be sure to reach out to us in Corona, CA for the best deadbolt lock installation or repair.

How Secure is a Deadbolt Lock?

We are often deceived by the low crime rates in our cities compared to others. But some people fail to realize that they can be the victim of a break-in at any point in time, no matter how safe they think the city is. For it not to come as a surprise to you, quality door locks should be employed. One of the most secure door locks out there is the deadbolt lock. This lock is the most secure because once the door is shut, the lock needs to be engaged to get it open. This lock also contains a unique locking mechanism built into the bolt that can not be forced back into the door.

As a result, it prevents forced entry or unwanted entry. The deadbolt latches 1 inch into the door, while a regular spring bolt latches just 1/2 inch into the door. This makes it very challenging to break open.

Certainly, a deadbolt lock is an ideal door lock for your home. However, you need professional locksmiths for its installation and, if need be, repairs. My Key Guy Locksmith is all about ensuring the security of you and your property, so feel free to give us a call.

Does the Cost of a Deadbolt Match its Quality?

While you may have finally decided to buy a deadbolt door lock, you might be starting to consider the cost. Oftentimes, when you decide you want to get something, you start to match the cost with the quality of what you intend to get. This is absolutely normal and required if you want the best quality for the value you are paying for.

It is important to note that locks you get at a mall or supermarket are not the same as the ones that you get from a locksmith. They may be the same brand and all that, but there is a difference in terms of quality. This is not to discourage you from buying your locks by yourself, but to make you understand why a locksmith would be preferable for you. And since you will be hiring a lock professional to install it, why not let a professional get these locks for you? You sure won’t be disappointed.

So, while comparing the cost, make sure you compare the quality. However, you can always count on My Key Guy Locksmith to deliver the best whenever you need it.

House Lock Out Services: Superior Service Response!

Having a deadbolt means you may lock yourself out of the house as you leave. This is because, once your door is shut, the locks will have to be engaged to get it open. So, it can happen that you forget your keys inside. When this happens, especially when you have been doing something important inside, you need a residential locksmith expert. Not to worry, you’ve got the best locksmith Corona, CA in us.

Getting locked out can happen to anyone, no matter how careful you may be. But it doesn’t have to ruin your entire day. Which is why we are always ready to jump into action anytime needed. So, you simply have to give us a call and we will be there to help you out.

Need The Best Affordable Services? Call Us!

Affordability is always a concern for most people, which is why many people have got many projects on hold. However, when it comes to your door security, you shouldn’t think twice about it. Not attending to that door lock can cost you in the long run. With our affordable services, you won’t have to keep putting off getting that lock repaired, replaced, or installed. Call us now!


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