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Deadbolt Lock Replacement: Replace the Damage Locks!

Do you realize that your old deadbolt lock is probably broken and just needs maintenance? Most of the deadbolts are made up of steel to provide extra security against any potential burglars. However, this also makes them very vulnerable to wear and tear over time. It is common for these locks to get twisted or bent out of shape over time. If you have noticed that your lock doesn’t turn as smoothly as it used to and if you hear a slight rattling noise when you try turning it manually, then it could mean that it is time for an upgrade. Check out the following information and learn how perform deadbolt lock replacement properly:

What is a Deadbolt Lock?

A deadbolt is a basic mechanism used to secure a door. These locks consist of a bolt that slides into a matching mortise in the door itself. In order to open the door, the latch inside the mortise disengaged. The mortise and the bolt are usually both made of steel to provide extra security against any potential burglars. There are two types of deadbolts: mortise and cylinder.

A mortise lock consists of a mortise in the door and a matching mortise in the door’s frame. The latch mechanism in this type is inside the door frame, making it harder to access.
A cylinder lock consists of a cylinder that slides into a matching mortise in the door’s frame. The cylinder usually has a keyhole as well. When you want to secure the door, you must put the cylinder into the mortise using a key.

Deadbolt Lock Parts

Frame: This is the part in which the lock sits. It could be wood or metal.
Door Lock Assembly: This is the part that includes the lock cylinder, the spindle, and the lever.
Deadbolt: The deadbolt is the part that you can turn to lock or unlock the door.
Lock Cylinder: The lock cylinder is a metal box that holds the lock’s internal mechanism.
Lock Key: This is the key you can use to turn the lock’s cylinder.

Deadbolt Lock Replacement: How to Replace a Deadbolt Lock

In order to deadbolt lock replacement, you will have to remove your old lock and attach a new one. You can do this by following these steps: First, make sure that your door is close. Next, use a door key to unlock it and open the door. Remove the door knob or pull the door latch to disengage it from the door. Now, you need to remove the old deadbolt lock. You can do this by using a screwdriver to pry off the mounting plates. Alternatively, you can use a wrench to unscrew the screws that hold the lock in place. After you have removed the old lock, you need to install the new one.

Depending on the type of lock you want to install, remove the mounting plates for the new lock. Next, put the new lock in place and mount it to the door using the mounting plates. Make sure that the mortise and the bolt line up properly and that the door closes completely when you turn the lock.

Deadbolt Lock Replacement: Safety Recommendation

When you are working on a lock, you need to exercise caution and follow some simple safety rules. You should always work on a hard surface with a non-skid surface underneath. Also, wear safety goggles and gloves. While opening your door, use a center-point kick to create a small gap in the door. This will make it less likely for you to go through the door or get hurt by it when it closes. Always disengage the door’s latch / deadbolt when you are inside the house. This will make it less likely for you to get injured by the door closing on you. To make sure that your door is secure, try closing it from the outside a few times. If it does not close properly, then it is likely that something is blocking it.

Call My Key Guy – Corona Experts!

With broken locks, everything is unsafe. It is better to get a new lock than to deal with the trouble of repairing the old one. If you must change door lock, then follow some steps. Finally, replace your deadbolt lock properly so that it lasts for a long time and doesn’t get damaged easily. Call a reputable locksmith company like My Key Guy-Corona in Corona, CA for deadbolt lock replacement. We are experts in door lock replacement and door lock repair. You can hire our locksmith Corona, CA experts to meet your demands.

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